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One of the best rock banks ever formed. They have made many great songs including: Cities on Flame, Don't Fear (The Reaper), Burnin For You, Perfect Water, amongst many others.
A Long Day's Night DVD is t3h pwnag3!!!
by Vivec March 15, 2004
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One of the greatest on-line MMPORPG (Masively Multiplayer Online RPG). It is completely Java, yet 3-D. Extremely addictive and they are coming out with a completely 3-D version soon.
Runescape pwns j00 n00bz0r!!!
by Vivec March 16, 2004
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What you say to somone when you want them to give you a felacio a.k.a blowjob
by Vivec May 8, 2004
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All your labre are belong to us!!!
by Vivec May 2, 2004
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Somone who appears to be a 'skater boy' but in reality has never actually skateboarded more than moving on the board. They often are weak, stupid, and unpopular people with acne who want girls to like them, but instead make them hate them more.
That guy Jake, he is one fake skate.
by Vivec May 8, 2004
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My gay friend said: 'In my backyard, I have a HUGE pinus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111one'

I said: "I prefer oak."
by Vivec May 2, 2004
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