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The act of addressing an issue indirectly that someone has created by saying it out loud and without referring directly to the individual.
Students knew the teacher was subbing when he warned the class about the consequences of arriving late to school only after Johnny appeared 20 minutes late.
by Chuymosca April 19, 2018
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1. The act of adding subtitles to a foreign film. Primarily refers to the subtitling of anime that is (usually) unlicensed in places other than Japan.

2. Act of replacing an indisposed teacher for an impermanent amount of time.

3. The act of being on the bottom in a sexual act, usually BDSM.
1. X: Hey, have you seen such-and-such? GROUPNAME is subbing it.
Y: Yeah, they're terrible. OTHERGROUPNAME does a much better job translating.

2. Mrs. Whoswhatsit will be subbing for Mr. Thatoneguy today, because he is sick.

3. X: Why is Z chained to the bed?
Y: He's subbing.
by Pandita May 08, 2005
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The act of appearing to order mixed drinks while only consuming the mix. Used to get an advantage over someone in a drinking contest or to wear down someone's inhibition.
Tom was subbing drinks all night at the bar. He really got Jane drunk and was good to go all night.
by Allana & Clifton March 17, 2006
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