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To be excessively good at something. Often used in mild jealousy and saltiness rather than genuine admiration. Usually said of someone after they mention an achievement of theirs.
Noun form: suanner
"Ok you're suan"
"That guy is damn suan at violin, he won an international competition once"
"He got full marks for the test, what a suanner!"
by joashczz May 31, 2018
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A usually noisy and bright individual. She is incredibly beautiful and intelligent, and can definitely spark creative ideas. Her only downfall is that she has low-self esteem as she does not see what others tell her. If she is quiet and seems sulky, she is upset. It can be visible through the vibe in the area; She has the ability to let others know her feelings without words. For example, if she is angry (though rarely), the aura would dampen and seem rather tense. If she is happy, the aura would be lighter and a more cheery mood. Though she may say she is "tired", Suan is good at acting it off. She keeps nasty thoughts to herself unless you go over her edge. After unleashing her anger, she from then onwards would never again be afraid to voice her opinion on you. If she is in a bad mood, she can be a total bitch. She is a forgiving friend and does not hold grudges. Treat Suan nicely, as she can be internally one of the most broken people you've ever met.
Is Suan okay? The energy here feels off.
by feistykitten January 07, 2018
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A caring, down to earth person. People enjoy being around them because of their funny and amazing personality. They are really optimistic but don't get them mad. Their athletic and have great sexual pleasures and are kinky
"Damn I need me a suan"
by Cookieuser123 April 19, 2017
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