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The "morning star" is a title given to Satan in his role as Lucifer. The term was derived from a Biblical passage which identifies a Babylonian god named for that star as having fallen from the throne of heaven for his arrogance. This story was conflated with the story of the fall of Satan and 1/3 of the angels, especially because most pagan gods are considered aspects of Satan in Christianity.

The "morning star" is also a nickname for the planet Venus, which was called Lucifer in Roman astronomy. Its low position in the sky (due to its proximity to the sun) likely gave rise to the myth of it having fallen from heaven. In ancient times, the planet was considered to be the god of the dawn who opened the gates of heaven for the sun to pass through.
The morning star is bright today.

Lucifer was once the bright morning star, but fell from the favour of God.
by Lesath February 16, 2008
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The meaning of Lucifer's name. This is because, although the morning star may be the first light of dawn, the sun (God) eventually rises and makes the other stars obsolete in its brilliance. Ironically, both Jesus and Mary are also called morning star.
by Matt Miller July 22, 2004
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While "Morning Star" can refer to Satan, it's also the name of a type of spiked mace derived from the Medieval period (and vastly used in RPGs and MMORPGs today). A morning star's like a mace, except that maces only have a blunt, crushing head; while morning stars are the variants that have a sharp cluster of metal spikes to add to the smashing power. Many people confuse these to be maces, whereas maces are only ever *blunt*.

Another common understanding of maces is with regards to the "ball-and-chain", where a morning star's spiked head (sometimes left blunt) is swung around on a chain or rope. These are actually called "flails", not maces.
"Nice mace."
"No, this isn't a mace. It's a Morning Star."
by Alhadis March 29, 2005
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1. One of the many titles that was given to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

2. A weapon resembling the combination of a flail and a mace.

3. A song by the band AFI which gets lots of attention by fans.
*...Morning Star...*
by nikkan_hanil July 12, 2004
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