The act of pretending you are a fully sober member of society when in actual fact you are completely wasted from being on a massive session. Most common reasons for styling it being having to go to work when you are still out of it or faking it to your girlfriend or boyfriend you are not an absolute space cadet from getting ruined all last night
Pal1 - Shit so what happened in work to day after we got hammered last night?

Pal2 - It was ok mate I’m the king of styling it. I told my boss I was a bit tired from bad nights sleep when really I was still pissed and wired to fuck from the all day and night session

Pal2 - Wish I had tried styling it I said I was still drunk from a party last night so got a disciplinary in 2 days. Also there’s been complaints to HR about me smelling of alcohol.

Pal1 - Getting sacked then aren’t you you absolute goon
by Lee The King April 30, 2018
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A state of eminently fashionable elegance and grandeur elevated by the subject's elation over his or her own narcissistic magnificence.

Pronunciation key: (generally, the three words are said in succession quickly, with teeth first clenched tightly, like the first syllable of the word "lollipop")
Jim: I look like a million bucks in this suit...

Andrew: Style style style...
by Haleb June 21, 2008
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To style a person -
Jamaican slang - to disrespect a person/ thing or treat them in an unfair way.
Yo! Dawg! If you style the thing, yah know you in big trouble.

Bob: Eats his slice of cake and goes back to eat his friend's slice.

Peter: Don't try style me, my yute. You already had yours.
by Tropical Rythms October 11, 2019
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When you are being extremely embarrassed and disrespected in a very personal way. Examples explain it better: The principle in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, those high school kids that had to guard Lebron as a senior, Ryan Leaf's life.
Wow that girl styled on me by saying she didn't know who I was.
by Beanie and the Boys December 11, 2008
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From Jamaican patois stylistical derivation: It means "style."

Currently the overused word of choice for British music critics, even (or especially) when it's completely inappropriate.
"Melodically, this track would hardly sound out of place, reworked in a Euro stylee, representing the UK at Eurovision."

- an NME review of Morrissey, fer chrissakes.
by shintriad June 05, 2004
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The last name of the one and only Harold Edward Styles. Flirt, gay but not gay at the same time, we don't really know. In the absolute best boy band, One Direction. Has curly brown hair and a perfect smile. A little bit of acne, but thats what makes him beautiful!
I saw Styes did an interview yesterday!!
Who? Harry Styles??

The one and only!
by Randomality. August 14, 2012
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