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The act of pretending you are a fully sober member of society when in actual fact you are completely wasted from being on a massive session. Most common reasons for styling it being having to go to work when you are still out of it or faking it to your girlfriend or boyfriend you are not an absolute space cadet from getting ruined all last night
Pal1 - Shit so what happened in work to day after we got hammered last night?

Pal2 - It was ok mate I’m the king of styling it. I told my boss I was a bit tired from bad nights sleep when really I was still pissed and wired to fuck from the all day and night session

Pal2 - Wish I had tried styling it I said I was still drunk from a party last night so got a disciplinary in 2 days. Also there’s been complaints to HR about me smelling of alcohol.

Pal1 - Getting sacked then aren’t you you absolute goon
by Lee The King May 31, 2018
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