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To be so bored at work that you load StumbleUpon, click on it incessantly all day long viewing random web pages until you run out of suggested StumbleUpon pages to display.
holy shit i've just been stumblefucked !!!!
by markbluestone November 19, 2008
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being so drunk that you can't walk or stand properly, but are still with it enough not to just sit down and pass
"Haha Mackie I'm gonna get you totally stumblefucked!"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
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1: like cluster fucked, Stumble fucked means to be bombarded by day-to-day bullshit while you have more pressing matters to attend to.

2: to be so caught up in day to day bullshit you are mentally reeling from the impact of even the slightest new thing that crosses your mind

3: like having ADHD on crack.
person 1 : the dog crapped on the carpet, the cat threw up after eating the gerbil, after my car got rear ended after...

person2: dude, you are stumble fucked today aren't you?

person me ._.

person1: after all that I still have to go to work >.<
by TEEG November 11, 2009
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