short australian shorts that define the typical aesthetic of the true blue aussie bloke.
also: bottles of beer.
" ya wanna goi with caans or stubbies mate?? "
" aww, les goi with tha stubbies mate. Hey....nice pair of stubbies ya got there.."
by herbiewa April 21, 2004
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short-shorts that were popular in new zealand. were made famous by the NZ L&P ads. have a tiny pocket for keys at the front!
"Oh man this is the life! Just maxin' at the BBQ in my stubbies!"

by xXxshawtyxXx November 27, 2006
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a pair of Australian stubby footy shorts which look virtually like male hotpants YUCK!!!
Slang for "stubby shorts"
Gotta change out of my stubbies, don't want to look like a yobbo.
Those blokes stubbies are so stubby his arse hangs out the bottom, he should be charged for indecent exposure!
by bread infection January 2, 2006
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Rugby short shorts: Possibly the most manly and bro article of clothing.
One can:
Swim in stubbies
Go to parties in stubbies
Dress in formal wear in stubbies
Play poker and win in stubbies
Lax it up in stubbies...


Stubbies are man pants.
"Lets play some Texas Hold 'Em this Friday."

"50$ buy in??"



by yii August 18, 2009
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Small ski gates that are used in slalom ski racing for younger kids. There are red and blue in colour are about knee hight, and are are very flexable.

Originated: They came from the ski gate company called SPM and were originally called Hero gates.
"Yes! We're skiing stubbies today!"
by *+Set.You+Free+* May 9, 2006
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A glass beer bottle, typically containing 375mL of delicious, cold, frosty amber fluid... ahhhh :P
hey pass us another stubbie mate
by Gazza March 25, 2003
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The act of inserting your own thumb into your rectum while masturbating to promote a speedy climax
I was cracking one off when I heard a knock on the door so I gave myself the stubby to get it over with quickly
by Special needs student March 22, 2011
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