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short australian shorts that define the typical aesthetic of the true blue aussie bloke.
also: bottles of beer.
" ya wanna goi with caans or stubbies mate?? "
" aww, les goi with tha stubbies mate. Hey....nice pair of stubbies ya got there.."
by herbiewa April 21, 2004
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short-shorts that were popular in new zealand. were made famous by the NZ L&P ads. have a tiny pocket for keys at the front!
"Oh man this is the life! Just maxin' at the BBQ in my stubbies!"

by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
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375ml Bottle of beer, usualyl bought in a case or carton or slab of 24.
Hey wanna go halves in a carton for this party
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
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a short, fat, neckless beer bottle(355ml). was the standard until the seventies in Canada, when the american tallboys replaced them. currently in a renaissance with some Brick beers, Red Cap and the Jamican beer Red Stripe. (The Frech beer Boris may come in a neckless bottle, but they are too small to be true stubbies)
"If we're going on a roadtrip we should get a pack of stubbies, they take up less room"
American kid "What the fuck is wrong with you're beer bottle."
Canadian kid "Its a stubby, you Yankee twat"
by guthstar3000 December 28, 2005
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Soon To Be Ex-Wife/Husband. Used to identify the person you are divorcing. From the acronym STBE (Soon To Be Ex).
My divorce was very amicable until my stubby hired a lawyer.
by B.R.I.A.N. January 09, 2008
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