It's a dick.
He whipped out his strom and it was clear to her that it was time to leave.
by Sanctimonia13 May 02, 2010
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A proclimation of defiance towards authorities or individuals giving out personal orders. It is a short swift way of saying "no I will not do this action because I don't respect you".
(Mom)- Son come take out the trash
(Son)- Strom
by rilo92 September 22, 2010
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any piece of office furniture that has been walked on by a seagull.
Sam's Spot Suckers specializes in removing stains from stroms!
by bread infection January 01, 2006
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(noun) A guy who is over 30 and never married, which makes him seem stale, moldy, asexual, dried up, obviously unmarryable, unattractive, spent, & like an old loaf of bread, way past his due date. This noun describes a male person in the same way a whole slew of derogatory & sexist nouns have been used historically to describe a female in the same boat (for ex.: spinster, old maid, hag, harpy, witch, crone, shrew, battleax, old bat, bag, nag, etc. etc. etc. Since the male-centric culture doesn’t have a version of the many derogatory words for such a thing, “strom” was chosen by a plurality of women, (members of the Red Lipstick Mafia,) because it makes one think of that crinkly, wrinkled old racist senator, “Strom” Thurmond. We are satisfied with this word “strom,” but hope to see many synonyms added, like the ones you can find in every dictionary, negatively & rudely describing unmarried and/or females, always with (derogatory) preceding the definition.
I was chatting with a few of my former classmates about what awesome, brilliant, beautiful, and successful women we have become, when Judy commented on how sad it was to see that quite a few of guys from our class had turned out to be old “stroms.” Brenda just shook her head, and it was charmingly coincidental when Debbie & I responded at the same time, saying (with true sympathy,) “Bless their hearts!”
by Lacey Lederhosen January 12, 2020
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Stephen Lynch explains it best:
"He's about a thousand years old, republican senator from the deep south... He's a racist. Then when he died, we heard he had fathered like fifteen black children."
"Thomas Jefferson. Hugh Grant. David Bowie. STROM THURMOND! STROM THURMOND!"
by Yournumber1 July 21, 2008
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(verb):secretly performing a sexual act with a member of another race while outwardly condemning such an act
Do you think Tucker is going to strom thurmond Tamika tonight after he goes to the confederate rally at the state house?

racism south carolina sex bigotry hypocrisy segregation
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Man who Trent Lott said that if he been president in 1948, we wouldn't have all these problems.
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
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