The year that the wwr in Palestine started
Person 1: Hey, when did ths war in Palestine start?
Person 2: I thinm it was May 14, 1948
by CherryBon-Bon July 24, 2022
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A sexual feat that requires the aid of a trustworthy pilot, oil, feathers, and a horny countrymen with nothing better to do. A male covers himself in oil, then proceeds to roll around in a pile of feathers. If done correctly, he'll almost appear to be a bird. The male then straps himself into a World War 1 open cockpit bi-plane. At exactly 9,865 feet, the male jumps out of the plane, without a parachute, plummeting towards the ground at terminal velocity. During this time the male becomes aroused, then makes his penis perpendicular to the ground, and then finally flaps his arms imitating a bird like motion before smashing "dick first" into the ground. This feat was first done by the famous Oklahoma resident Harry Sack in 1948 thus, giving the feat the name "1948 Oklahoma Pile Driver". This same feat can be done to a woman however, you would also need to hire a skillful mathematician in order to figure out the exact timing to jump from the aircraft.
Joe: Dude i would totally have sex with Sally
Colin: I wouldn't have sex with her, i'd give her a 1948 Oklahoma Pile Driver!
by TESTICLETWISTER August 9, 2013
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