A strap means a Gun no matter what anybodys says im 100% Right.
if you fuck with my familia i will blast you with my strap.
by Shubo October 17, 2006
A sex toy (genrally used by female sluts) to fuck a man's ass since they do not have a dick.
jeez I wish I had a dick so I could fuck that guys big Spanish ass but instead I'll just use a strap.
by bfeezymack June 23, 2011
verb: to lash the buttocks as punishment.
she was so naughty, i had to strap her.
by Anonymous September 7, 2003
A "Strap-on" usually ued by a Butch.The dominant one in a lesbian female.
Damn that butch knows how to work a strap

It felt so good when she stuck her strap in my ass.
by PHilly Stud September 17, 2005
as in a condom
man i fucked da bitch wit no strap maaan. had to git dat fillin foreel
by Mildred February 5, 2004
skilled; able to back up what you say;(word is usually used referring to fighting or sporting skills)
You wanna mess with me bitch? You better be strap!
by sandman001 February 27, 2007