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To be strangled whilst having a wank, thus heightening the pleasure
How unfortunate Stuart Lubbock died whilst michael barrymore gave him a good strank
by james & heather January 24, 2008
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a portmanteau of skank, and Strats, a sleazy strip club in Adelaide, SA. A strank is one who is both a skank and works at Strats.
That bitch is a strank.
by lalalalalalalarandom September 05, 2010
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A British slang term often used in London as a word for mainpulative. It also has another version known as Stranking which essentially means manipulating.
Reg: I realise I was a bit Stranks to you earlier bro soz about dat.
Doug: Don't worry man I've had people who've tried Stranking me before at least I know you meant well.
by Bob Rossian May 31, 2017
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