7 definitions by doo-dooButt

I went to this hackathon last day and now I can’t stay awake
by doo-dooButt September 2, 2018
Tits but during quarantine
She got bored by staying home all day and started a YouTube channel just to show of her quarentitties
by doo-dooButt May 3, 2020
Erroneous past participle of nut. The right usage is “nutted
Jake: keep sucking it baby
Chloe: but you’ve already nutten!
Jake: It’s nutted
by doo-dooButt July 4, 2018
Sometimes I have to rock back and forth on the toilet to get the straggler to let go
by doo-dooButt June 18, 2018
Used when you are gay but accidentally sound like a straight person
Hailey: You are such a nice friend, Caleb, If I weren’t gay I would suck your fine ass dick and let you nut in my mouth. No straighto tho
by doo-dooButt July 27, 2018
A person who lives in India and acts in a creepy way online, especially towards white women
Hey saxy bby send bobs and vagena
Hop off curry whore!
I’m not from India I swear
by doo-dooButt August 11, 2018
A Gromflomite assassin that purchased weapons from Rick Sanchez. Apparently got killed when Morty accidentally landed a spaceship on it.
“You have arrived at Krombopulos Michael, your destination is below”
by doo-dooButt March 23, 2018