A straggle is a long skinny penis. It is the opposite of a chode (short and fat)
I gave my boyfriend a handjob for the first time last night...he's a straggle
by straggler April 17, 2009
A girl that wears too much make-up, hangs out with a group of girls that strive for men. These girls would do anything to attract attention, by all means by wearing shorts that go a few inches down, no bra, a wet t-shirt. They talk like they are from Jersey shore, and stalk men's facebooks.
*Walks up men*

"May I have all of your numbers?"

"No, you straggle whore."
by Scelus May 9, 2014
A straggle crack is someone strung out on drugs, wearing the same pair of jeans for weeks, may resemble slender man and may sleep under a bridge.
This Straggle Crack I used to bartend with never showed up on time and when he did he was always high and wearing the clothes he slept in.
by Roman K. January 12, 2021
An attractive woman or group of women who constantly complain, act better than they are or who have attitudes with men. These women have little to no income, they typical live with parents or room mates, and can be seen straggling at local night clubs, or on social media sites. These women usually try to avoid men of means due to the mans non-compliance for dealing with the issues of the particular woman.
Carey- Hey Rickey, you see those females over there?
Rickey-Yeah I see them, they looking good!
Carey-True that, but they jus some "Straggle Cat(s)", only thing they have going is their looks.
by Uncle Luc May 20, 2013