"I shall never think again my life unfulfilled for one pitter of your fair heart is worth all the beats of mine" - Rickey
by valenciapanda August 11, 2011
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A rickey is generally nice and polite but in a weird and awkward way. They make a good friend but will always be friend zoned. Thinks they are the shit for playing a varsity sport. Very bipolar and indecisive especially in his love life. However, knows how to make their friends smile and is classified as a class clown. Very horny
This is ya boy, Rickey ready to catch some hoes
by mrs.surfer jesus August 17, 2017
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a woman, a very studly softball player, an amazing hitter, has Asian like eyes, has a lot of good looking friends.:) Always has something to go to. Thinks being Asian makes everything better. Is a hard worker and is always there for you, makes things awkward sometimes by saying poop or dung, has late night snacks. Can be shy when you first meet her then she goes crazy and lightly beats you with a ruler. goes poop on a daily bases
Rickey is
-an athlete
-a friend
-Gets good grades
-has a unique personality

hey there miss new booty. Rickey:) will hitty a home runny;)
by softballgirlasian May 25, 2011
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A male of different races. Someone who does not care about anyone but themselves. They have a high temper at times. They love ratchet females. They treat the classy good girls like nothing & ignore them. Rickeys arent interesting in good girls. They enjoy hurting & ignoring the good girls and treat the wretched like gold. Watch out be aware when talking to a Rickey. They only care about looks. Most Rickeys are dumb when it comes to females til they get older. Then they come to their sences and their over the ratchet faze. s
"Rickey is a cool person dude"
by babyboogurl November 27, 2013
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a Rickey is very indecisive and really stupid. He has absolutely no testosterone and happens to be incredibly short. Friend zoned by almost every girl he talks to its honestly kind of sad. On the flip side he has good music taste.
Kagan: God look at that fuckin short nu-male retard. All those girls are just fucking rejecting him, I feel kinda bad
Lucas: must be a rickey
by rikkis thikki dikki February 07, 2018
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A Rickey is a kind, caring, 6ft2, eyes of blue, sexy man who will do anything to make anyone happy. Avid animal lover, loves to joke around, and puts his family above and beyond.
Oh how I love Rickey!
by Doodlebug430 February 26, 2017
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