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a plan that has the conviction of forethought, but which is so disasterous it begs for hindsight before it is even implemented. A stragedy is often promoted as a strategy to hide the fact that it was conceived from rash and not rational action.
It was a stragedy for the robber to break into a store which sold CCTV cameras. (This actually happened)

It was stragedic thinking for the auto mechanic to weld a leak in the gas tank before he emptied it.
by Kevin Garwood June 09, 2007
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1. When your strategy fail
2. When your strategy leads to a tragedy or failure
(when you are playing chess with your friends and you just got pwned) Man,I was so close at beating you but my strategy becomes a STRAGEDY.
by Vedaxx March 12, 2010
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An ill-advised and single-mindedly pursued strategy, which inevitably or predictably brings about failure of the strategist's project.
The US stragedy of favoring the Shiite factions merely led to intensification of Civil War in Iraq and ultimately to the formation of a Shiite Islamic Superstate in the region.

It might be argued the attempt to import Western-style democracy to a very different and dynamic culture without first understanding the culture's historical development or its religious and philosphical underpinnings constitutes the fundamental US stragedy for Iraq.
by Russell Clark November 26, 2006
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A long-range plan for achieving something but due to being so poorly thought through can only lead to a bad result
The new CEO has just communicated all the assumptions he made which inform his new stragedy for the company
by CrossWords February 14, 2012
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When a strategy fails and/or otherwise becomes a tragedy.
Juliette: I know! I'll fake my death to be with Romeo!
Romeo: *kills self*
Juliette: *kills self*

Juliette's plan turned into a stragedy.
by SamwiseG June 14, 2012
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Designed or trained to strike an opportune target creating a disastrous event facilitating a desired outcome.
Bob knew that picking his girlfriend's uncle's nose while he lay in the casket was the ultimate stragedy that would result in him being on time for the ball game.
by scrapiron777 May 10, 2009
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A strategy that is actually a tragedy. It's just doomed to failure from the get go and well, is pretty stupid too...
Bob spent 20 minutes at the team meeting talking about his "tail end" marketing stragedy again. Like that one's going to bring us any customers! Sheesh!
by Dainis W. Michel May 21, 2010
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