Northern Irish slang for 'extremely drunk'. Particularly in Strabane.
'Aye, I was wile stoving last night, had to be taken home.'
by Wee girl hi November 12, 2006
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To be extremely stoned, similar to being in a stove or hotbox
Dude 1: Bro are you feeling good?
Dude 2: Yeah bro i'm stoved to the bone right now
Dude 1: My guy
by GGRYAN September 17, 2018
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A white woman who ONLY likes black guys bbc slut and who only likes getting it from black guys spring thomas. She has no intentions of ever dating someone white, or of any other ethnicity. It's black or nothing.
Girl: "Oh he's cute, would you date him?"

Stove: "Ew, no he's not black."
by bigblckcck September 09, 2011
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The process of bludgeoning somebody, usually in the head.
Oh my God! He had his head stoved in with a brick!


I'm so gonna stove that cats head in.
by 12ant34 January 26, 2008
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Person 1: Take a look at that stove.
Person 2: It's not a stove! It's a gun.
by CrayRabbit January 05, 2011
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To severely beat up in a thuggish manor. Commonly associated with lowlife British football hooligan scum
They were stoving his fucking head in
by Discomonkey. August 03, 2018
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Being high after eating really good food, Like stoned and stove.
John: dude, your mom's cookies are so good.
james: yeah, they make me stoved.
by katieiscool June 18, 2011
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