Fear causing, tremble making, hand quivering nightmare!
"You better stay away from that stove, dont wanna drop your drink."
by MyMomDoesntLetMe June 23, 2009
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To place one's genitials on a hot stovetop for sexual gratification.
My nuts are still crispy from stoving the fuck out of them last night.
by Douchebaggage January 18, 2014
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The term used to describe the movement of an object that moves accross anything.
Look! It's William, look at the way he stoves accross the street.
by Jared G. January 30, 2005
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Big Mike said he had to go home because because his mother “left the stove on.” In reality, he trusted a fart and it let him down. He wasn’t mad at the fart, just disappointed. He later admitted to stoveing his pants
by Rich Selfie January 18, 2019
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Badass black superhero. Looks like Steel, talks like Mr. T. Carries a big hammer and will use it to bust your head in.
by KJB November 20, 2004
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Telling a guy to stop kissing a girl whos wasted because its taking advantage then kissing her 2 seconds after
omg you got stoved

that guy just got stoved
by Leroy Jeckins November 20, 2005
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