geordie flat bun, better than anything ese in the uk
by Anonymous November 2, 2003
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A large,white,round,flat breadbun sold in the north east of england. Stotties are mainly sold in Greggs the bakers. I've heard the name stottie originates from when they we're first made many years ago, the bakers used to throw the dough at the floor to check the consistancy, 'stot' being a northern word for throw.

The word stottie is also a local slang word for 'erection'...look av got a stottie!
' am gannin doon greggs for a stottie'
by strawberrycherry September 22, 2008
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stout lager.
a word used only in Ams, don't knock it up as an Americanism..that's too lame.
a stottie and a cig in hand, John banged the gang's chief sister arite..
by hytham_hammer July 6, 2005
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Mmm! That stottie tastes good!
by Tubbs August 1, 2003
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A person who is typically an old suspect-paedophile who plays video games. This person will normally look young for his age, enough to pull off a ruse of being 18 years old.

A Stotty will have a very distinctive walk, with a small gait, stiff shoulders and subtly-animate neck and head. A Stotty will enjoy Mountain Dew and staying awake until the desperate moment where he needs to sleep, reasons for this are currently unknown.
Guy 1: That fellow is walking awfully strange, I wonder what's wrong with him...

Guy 2: He must be a Stotty!

Guy 1: He must be, cross the road post-haste so we may scoff at his presence and make criticism of his strange demeanor!
by FatherOfAStotty April 18, 2013
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The term for a flat round bread eaten in the North East by the 'geordie' local population. Although it is sold around the United Kingdom under other names. Tourists may well have sampled the wonderous 'stotty' on a recent trip to Newcastle upon Tyne, sold in all baker shops (Greggs/Peters/Crawfords.
Gis a piece of your stotty geordie, ya greedy bastard.
by Mr. Tynesider May 3, 2011
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a hot girl who doesnt put out or is a straight edge women who hates drinking and drugs
HOLY SHIT DUDE 10/10 right there!
dude she hates drinking
omg fuck off you Stotty
by Cool Kid33 January 13, 2011
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