an erection obtained for no reason other than the fact that the obtainee was too damn high
Look at Ronnie! He's so fuckin' high he's got a stoner boner!
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
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when you get really high and now you're horny and want to do the dirty
"come over babe i've got stoner boner
by CoolCamryn44 May 28, 2019
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when you hit some weed thats so damn good, you pop a boner
last night i smoked some weed that was so damn bomb, i poped a stoner boner straight through my pants!
by killachronic August 1, 2005
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when someone who's high gets really hornygood vibe tribe
(stoner boner)So one day we smokd & then we laid on the couch for awhile, then he took me to his room.I was sittin there & before I could react he grabd my ankles & yankd me down all in one motion so I was layin on my back & he got on top of me and startd kissin me.We startd to make out as his hands wanderd.He unhookd my bra & startd to feel my boobs undr my bra.He was startin to get hard & I could feel his boner through his sweat pants.He rippd my shirt off & startd kissin my neck. then I rolld over so I would be on top of him & I startd feelin up & down his muscular chest & chiseld abs.He took his shirt off as I movd down lowr to remove his sweat pants.I grippd his hard dick & startd to stroke him.Then I movd down & put his hard cock in my mouth & began to suck, hard.He moand as I put his cock deepr into my throat until he flippd me over so he would be on top again.He rippd my shorts off & startd fingerin me slowly & finally straddld me & enterd me.He startd thrustin, slowly then hardr & fastr.The whole bed was rockin back & forth as he thrustd himself deepr into me.Then he reachd down & startd rubbin my clit as he fuckd me.I screamd in pleasure & wrappd my legs around his waist.He never slowd his pace & kept fuckin me hardr as he movd my legs onto his shoulders & leand forward until my knees were on my chest & fuckd me until I cummd all over him.He put my legs back down & kept fuckin me until he cummd inside of me & collapsd on top of me, exhaustd.
by kittykat88 June 24, 2014
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getting excited at the prospect of getting very high at some point in the near future.
Dude we've been saving our kief for the whole semester I have such a huge stoner boner
by themacbleezy December 28, 2011
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When someone feels their blunt rolling ability is superior to the ability of everyone else (Getting 'aroused' over their ability to roll).
Ryan: "Hey Steve, wanna smoke?"
Steve: "Only if I get to role it."
Alex: "Steve has a huge stoner boner"
by DanceAlexDance March 28, 2009
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