-Largest town in the UK.
-300,000 people
-Home to the wonderful steve coogan and the awful sarah harding.
-Full of manchester united and city fans...and the odd county fan.
by Hanny February 28, 2005
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The most affluent borough of Greater Manchester, although most Stopfordians would still refer to it as being in Cheshire.
This is where it was until some knob in 1974 decided to move the boundaries to lump us in with the Mancunian rabble.
Also home to the "friendly football club" Stockport County.
Oh, I do wish that I could afford to move to Stockport.
by Stockport Steve December 13, 2006
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Stockport may be a shithole but were fuckin better than blackpool and as for liverpool well its full of fuckin scouse bastards the twatting tramps. if any of you scuffy fat headed annoyin fuckin bell ends ever abuse stockport again im gonna rape your nanna suck a fat one u bastard scousers.
by ? February 21, 2005
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Town just 6 miles away from Manchester(scum land) Also home to a Football club with brilliant support but poor performances.
" United's Shit,City's Worse | We Always Put The County First "
by Lee Martin March 30, 2005
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A great town in South-East Manchester. Despite what people say Stockport has every shop you need in it. It also has some great entertainment.
Let's pop down to Grand Central this saturday to go swimming, watch a film, bowling and go clubbing after!
by Big_dubya July 5, 2005
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A place inhabited by supporters of Manchester City.
by Jonny December 23, 2003
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Most criminal TOWN in Britain (3rd overall)
Manchester is 5TH!

Also, derogatory term for Rockport boots
Lock your doors when your going through Stockport!
Ey Stacey 'ow much were dem fake Stockports off market?
by Luke May 23, 2006
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