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Named for 25 year olds who are (nearly) fresh out of college, and either can't get a job or can't make ends meet.
My fiance's in a quarter life crisis.
by Dodger of Zion May 11, 2004
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In Appalachian English, to "jeep" is to act a fool, to steal, or to just be plain stupid.
"Don't you be jeepin in this here office."

"Hey fuckwad, don't jeep my Marbs, those things are $4 a pack."

"Yeah, he really jeeped his Honda on the Turnpike."
by Dodger of Zion May 22, 2007
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Overused internet saying, started by the Clock Crew. It's meant to be a substitute for LOL, because Dwarfinator got banned for saying LOL on the NG boards. Taken from a costume company in the Halloween movies.
by Dodger of Zion January 13, 2004
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The 'rona. COVID. Coronavirus. Coined in 2020 as a slang term to get around content filters specifically looking for COVID-19 for purposes of demonetization.
My unvaccinated sister came to Thanksgiving and now our whole family has human malware.
by Dodger of Zion January 8, 2022
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A devoted young man who travelled to ALL EIGHT audition cities for "Last Comic Standing," finally got a shot in Tampa, but never an invite to be one of the big 40.
I was really hoping for Buck Star to get an invite... The guy's got something going.
by Dodger of Zion June 9, 2004
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An upcoming doom that will consume all.
"The Void is coming!"
by Dodger of Zion July 12, 2003
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