An expression used to define a cool/amazing event or object and/or an awesome situation.
"That car was so stos!"
"The party at her house was stos."
"Her attitude was so not stos."
by Kelly McDowell January 12, 2013
Short way of saying customer who buys drugs from you, or "custo"
"ay sto, whaddup"
by AStoMyself February 14, 2009
During a discussion on the work Slack

"I'm STO today" which means, I'm Sick Time Off: off today because I'm sick...
by fharper February 5, 2019
Star Trek: Online. Common term used for the new Star Trek MMOG in developement, to be released some time in mid to late 2007.
by Eoghan O'Halloran October 5, 2005
Short person : oh hi

Normal person : hi , youre short .

Short person : well no shit . STO
by ChelleyGenius . September 5, 2011
1. To unknowingly ejaculate unto a transexual or cross dressing individual.
Teddy thought he was making passionate love to the most beautiful woman, lo and behold he was found stoing unto the cross-dressing Percy.
by rockthecasbah May 12, 2005
Scummy Turn On - a chick that is really scummy, but yet you still find yourself attacted to her.
That chick is two steps out of the trailer park but she still has the STO.
by BradCheif March 14, 2007