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A huge ass school in the middle of nowhere and nobody knows where or what it is and the town only keeps getting bigger. 90% of the girls have cakes on their face and edit all of their pictures on instagram so if you think a girl from STMA is hot, she's probably not /: bunch of sluts and hoes and hicks who wear camo to school everyday. everyone knows everything about your relationships and a day never passes where a girl isn't crying over a boy who rejected her.
Person 1: "What do you drive to school?" STMA Student:"A Tractor" Person 1: "What? Oh you must go to STMA"

Girl 1: "Why is she crying?"
Girl 2: "Her and her boyfriend didn't have good sex last night"
by STMA High School February 03, 2017
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A school full of skanks and hoes. This school only exsists on an educational level it doesn't belong on the map. But that doesn't stop the overwhelming amount of rich white people, with their Starbucks, caked faces, cars that they didn't even work for but cost their parents a fortune. The school academically challenged their students so much to the point where they end there own life's. But also has the highest education in the state of MN.
Person1: I'm white and I don't like to be around minority's what's school should I go to?
Person2: STMA is perfect for you!
by Boyloytt the m3m3 supr3m3 April 21, 2018
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