A Farm-veihicle that can pull farm-implements. Tractors are usually used to pull items, and often have a Front-end Loader attacthed.
Old farm tractors often get bought up by collectors who repair and paint them.

"Go get the tractor, son. We got some plowing to do!"
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004
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Something you like, alot, think is attractive.
Hes so tractor.
That truck is tractor.
by Rene9110 February 13, 2009
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A Techie, and a Actor; this person does both on stage and behind stage work, for theater. This term was invented by WMHS Techie/Actors who needed a name in MoCo
I am a tractor, because I was a Techie in Fools, and an Actor for Carol! So either give me a hammer, or give me a microphone.
by Abhorsen January 7, 2006
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An insult describing, someone who is slow and annoying.
by zoeeea December 7, 2008
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An amish man who uses the force of his clenched butt cheeks to pull his male partner around by the penis during intercourse.
Oh that there is butthole Chris, he's the tractor around these parts.
by Roughandtumble October 15, 2023
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Can be used in a negative way to describe a redneck.
Redneck: Ey what’s good, hood
Black person (hood): man fuck yo tractor ass
by I’m Retartoad January 16, 2019
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