My roommate and I took this slutty chick back to our place last night. We both fucked her! He in the pink, and me in the stink….
by fpr October 20, 2012
A word you bf/gf calls you if you from nyc
why you have an attitude for stinks?
by wrd2mycrocsbeetch January 8, 2021
1) To smell bad.

2) To be bad.
1) This cabbage stinks.

2) This TV show stinks.
by Diggity Monkeez February 23, 2005
A term used by black women Usually to refer to a baby or small child
Aww look at momas stink
by Jiggamynigga123 March 24, 2017
The opposite of stonks.
You basically just say it when something bad happens
by ThiccJim69 May 5, 2021
What I do when I go to Moe's for burritos with lots of beans and onions.
"Dude - let's go to Moe's and get a stink on."
by Whada_fk January 31, 2009
The anus of a male or female human being. Usually used in conjunction with sexual intercourse.
by Tom December 20, 2004