Stink is the new Sick
It is another urbanification of a negitive term to mean cool Can be used as a noun as well, usually predicated by "the"
That's the stink baby.
That is so stink. That was stink.
How stink is that!
by Kirk B January 13, 2005
Collective noun for a group of gamers.
I am the queen of a stink of gamers.
by masklinn July 28, 2010
a saying that can be used in just about any way, it is usually used toward a person , or group of people and can mean anything

"that guy is driving so slow...he can go stink!" "this guy cut in front of me in line, so i stunk the shit out of him"
by Mr. Sheldon Sheldonowhitz December 10, 2008
a form of stress relief whilst tensing hand into a 'claw-like' posture.
"Aaaaaaaaargh! STINK!"
by Stealthy Stanley October 22, 2003
body odour, b.o. ,unpleasant olfactory emanations from the human body
i was workin' out and caught me a case of the stinks.

rotting sperm in someones' boogie will attract the stinks
by michael foolsley December 5, 2009
1.This place is stink heaven 2. Can I hit that stink 3. Can I get stinky
by Boy-Toy November 7, 2009