Member of the animal kingdom that gave the ultimate payback to Steve Irwin. The gators and snakes will forever owe it.
by teabag September 07, 2006
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A '63-'67 Chevrolet Corvette. Also known as a "midyear." The midyear 'Vettes were based on the Mako Shark dream car (released in '61), which shared many of its lines with Bill Mitchell's Stingray race car. The '67 Vettes, especially the ones with 427 mills and "stinger" hoods, are considered by many to be the finest combination of looks and performance ever produced by Detroit.
by SeligsOnDope May 07, 2003
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When the labia majora of a woman protrudes so far that it resembles the silhouette of a stingray hanging from a clothesline.
That bitch looked like a whole basketball team ravaged her twat leaving behind one nasty stingray.
by Griz77 July 05, 2010
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Things you can feed at Sea world that sometimes suck your hand in.
"I like dem Stingrays...!!!"

"I'll stingray your penis, if you like."
by Diego Rodriguez October 05, 2008
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flat, ocianic bitch, sometimes equiped with spiny serrated tail. the cunt of the sea.
stingrays are whiny little cunt fish, ie: cunts of the sea.
by the ducinator September 12, 2006
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