Knobjockey: 'Wow, yesterday me an my mum went to the Royal Show. I got the Inspector Gadget showbag, the Neverending Story showbag, the Pound Puppies showbag, the...'


Greg 'STFD'
by Harris Scarfe August 04, 2009
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Class: Oh boy! We get to watch JFK's assassination video?!
Teacher: Yes children, but if you don't STFD, you won't pass your first year of pre-school.
by NotSoFast! August 12, 2010
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Conjoins the two following acronyms 'stfd' and 'stfu'

"Sit the fuck down, and shut the FUCK UP!"

Used when 'stfd' or 'stfu' doesn't achieve a satisfactory effect.

Often used to establish superiority and 1337ness.
"stfd and stfu bitch and gtfo you n00b"
Mr. Pub-Star 1337
by I_Love_hooters January 04, 2005
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A phrased coined on INO by me.

It's a portmaneau or "tits or gtfo" and "sit the fuck down, from the infamous scene on the 2002 Muse DVD Hullabaloo
Person 1: "you dick!"
Person 2: "tits or stfd."
by dani6661 April 30, 2009
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STFD is an acronym to simply say SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. This wonderful acronym comes from a musical called Come From away which I suggest you check out.
And if they're speedin', I'll stop them and write out a warning ticket. I'll write STFD
Slow the fuck down!
by DoodlesfortheDay August 07, 2019
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