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40 definitions by jasmine

When some body talkin that stuff and all u gotta do is tell them..................SAVE IT........
Kesha was all up in Jasmin face and she just looked at her and stopped her in the middle of the sentence and said SAVE IT bitch!!!!!!
by jasmine April 13, 2005
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A girl who is unique from others. She may be weird but will never leave you side! She is smart and sweet girl who doesn't like mean people. She is sporty and very trustworthy! You can tell a secret to her, and she will never tell anyone! She is a cutie pie and she may have a crush on a actor.
Setaya helped me on my homework!
by jasmine December 20, 2019
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a female that got a lotta bad karma and likes to rub it off onto people
"that bitch is sticky"
by jasmine September 14, 2004
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A yellow talking sponge that lives in bikini bottom with is pet snail next to his two friends patrick and squidwerd...
Turn to nickolidan and wait till it comes on
by jasmine August 5, 2004
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Something disgusting; nasty TMI.

1) To gross someone out;
2) to kill someone - cyberpunk definition

Variant of squeak.
"Yuck! I don't need to hear the details of your toe fungus problem, George. That's some serious squik!"

"Dude, I'm SO gonna squik Mary out with this fake vomit stuff."

"Take him out back and squik him."

"The mouse let out a tiny squik before disappearing back into the hole."
by jasmine February 15, 2005
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