The wife of one's father. Not the biological mom whom actually gave birth to the child but the one who sometimes...... not always though, provides half of the financial, emotional, and moral support for a child that is not from her loins. Such women will also provide a loving, disciplined, and stable structure for the step kids while the bio mom collects a tidy sum in child support(even for months when dad and stepmom have the child) sleeps with a plethora of different men (sometimes providing the stepchild with a new half sibling) and parties like a rock star.
I have to go spend the summer with my dad and stepmom. We can't go to Disney World though because my dad has no money cause my mom gets it all.
by Byteme June 25, 2004
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A woman who by her own choice loves and cares for her husbands child/children. A stepmother is the mother in her household. Gods gift to some children to make up for the loser mothers that gave birth to them.
She is the worlds greatest Step mom.
by shiggity-shiggity-schwha March 02, 2006
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Someone who CAN be nice sometimes. But many people hate their step mom's. I actually like mine, she is actually really nice.
Bob: "I hate my step mom. She's a whore."
Me: "I actually like my step mom, she is really nice."
Bob: "Dude, you're a dick."
by The Guy on Main St October 01, 2007
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1. The hottest cheerleader in your high school class that your rich old dad just married and moved into your house and you can't stop thinking about boinking.

2. The 30 something Thai bargirl your dad just married and brought home that gives you a raging hard-on. See MILF.
1. "Ted, your mom's really hot! "Shut up Bill!"

2. Step mom "Son, will you put lotion on my back" BOING!
by The Vampire LOGOS October 11, 2005
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Aka “Bonus Mom”

Marries a man with children and because she loves said man so much, she adopts his kids into her heart and puts up with a lot of backlash because of it such as BM hating her existence and forcing children to do the same. Step moms are saints but are often not allowed to make important decisions for the children or love them despite step mom’s love and adoration for said children.
Her step mom gives her hugs and tells her she loves her so much. What a lucky kid to have such a loving step mom!
by WanderingTAPdancer September 24, 2018
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A step mom is a mom that your dad found on some dating site.A step mom is a creature that will wait until you are in a false sense of security,then start talking to you.After this the step mom will start gently rubbing your thigh then start pressuring you to have sex with her you do it and 9 months later your dad will be asking here whose baby is that.On rare occasion when the step mom wants anal sex she might produce Fucklematter
my step mom lured me into a closet and now her face is white.
by big hotdog in bun guy January 04, 2020
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