A crazy bitch with no job who does nothing but watch TV, bitch, and eat. She spends about 12 hours of her day in front of the TV, and the rest sleeping. She manages to con her new husband into giving her whatever she wants, and does everything she can to make living in that particular house a living hell.

Others who don't live with her think she can be a sweet person, but don't be fooled - she is nothing more than a succubus (assuming she's one of the good looking step moms). Otherwise, she's just some random crazy fat bitch your dad boinked after one too many cocktails.

Total bitch.
Any bitch that your dad decided to live with is an example of a step mom.
by Joexi April 30, 2011
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Someone who tries to act like shes your mother. who is a socontrolling. One who always thinks she knows whats best. She is the one your dad is in love with but acts like a total bitch. She is always being nosy and when you aren't trying to be friends with her she goes to your dad and acts like the victim. She is the most frustrating person you will ever meet. And she always says that "One day you will thank me"
I feel like Cinderella, with how my step mom is acting.
by lndunssss January 25, 2015
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A Stepmom is some bitch your dad marrys that lives in your house. All she does is fuck your dad and eat all your food. She'll sit on her lazy ass all day and not do any housework. Then she'll complain about how she can't get along with you and she'll kick you out of the house to live with your older sister.
I hate my stepmom for kicking me out of my house to live with my older sister.
by You_don't_need_therapy June 11, 2010
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A women who has chosen to love a man as well as his children. While never trying to take the birth mothers place, a step-mother acts as a friend and role model.

A step-mother chose to love another woman's children as her own yet walks on eggshells when it comes to parenting. Most commonly seen as a home wrecker by insecure birth mothers, a Step-mom had the same dreams and goals for the children as she would if they were her own.
"I wanted to buy my Step-mom a mother's day card but my real mom wouldn't let me"
by xtryx July 29, 2014
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a stupid dumb ass hoe that everyone hates and and bitch and only there for your dads money
bill:your step mom is a bitch

will:i know
by doc.dumshit July 22, 2019
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I giant bitch who somehow tricked your dad into marrying her or something and

all she does is fuck him loudly or be a bitch. She does nothing around the

house and is usually blonde always hates the real mom and never even makes an effort to connect with the older children. Outsiders think she is nice but all this bitch cares about is money. She also tried to put your dad in a difficult position by threating to break up with him if I don't go live with my mom for a while.
My stepmom (I can't say her name for legal reasons so let's just say.... Arabrab is a skanky slutty money hungry bitch whore.
by Darthcheezeburger November 04, 2014
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A real woman who loves and supports children that are not her own, after having married their father. She helps her husband raise the children and is either appreciated or not - usually not, no matter what she does (or at least not for many years). Most stepmoms have it a lot tougher than stepdads because the expectations are much higher for stepmoms and the criticism is MUCH harsher and more common.
Rarely the mean, controlling, selfish, get-rid-of-the-kids/make-them-slaves, etc. assholes they often are accused of being by kids who do this because they have a biological mom who is furious/jealous her ex-husband remarried and therefore (subtly) manipulates her kids into disliking the stepmom, and also because these kids often have issues due to other forms of emotional/psychological abuse committed against them by their biological mom - which the children will usually be completely unaware of. Usually though, the kids have bad attitudes about the stepmom simply because they just don't like sharing their dad with her, sharing a house with her, and worst of all - when she tells them to act right and then disciplines them if they don't. Most care deeply about the kids and only want the best for them.

Most stepmoms don't just give up and walk away but hang in there and keep working hard to love & support the kids regardless of how they are treated – w/o any expectation they will EVER love her back – which means stepmoms are NOT what they are usually accused of, they are heroes.
Teen #1 told another how her stepmom "didn't care about" her and "treated (her) like crap"
Teen #2 responds: Wow, that sucks, what does she do/not do? Does she yell at you?
Teen #1: No...
Teen #2: Does she ignore you?
Teen #1: No... she always tries to talk to me, even though I'm being totally obvious that I don't want her around... always asking me how I am, how's school, what's going on, what do I want for my birthday, do I need anything... so annoying...
Teen #2: Does she complain about your real mom or your dad in front of you?
Teen #1: No... my mom's alway dissing her and my dad...
Teen #2: Does she not feed you? Not buy you clothes and other stuff you need?
Teen #1: No...
Teen #2: Does she not go to your events, like games, performances, school stuff, other stuff??
Teen #1: No... she goes to more of those than my mom does... even if it's expensive and she has to fly home from work and not even get a minute to eat til afterward...
Teen # 2: Does she hog all the time with your dad?
Teen #1: No, he told me she's always telling him to make sure to spend time with me and my brother without her always being there with us...
Teen #2: Does she criticize you?
Teen #1: No... but dude, yesterday she told me to pick up my candy wrapper off the floor and throw it away... And when I didn't, she told my dad!! ...AND she won't let me watch 12 hours of TV a day!!!
Teen #2: No WAY!! What a BITCH!!!
by Princess H.B.I.C. September 24, 2011
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