A nice women stepping up to take care of a kid(s) that’s not even hers,if you need someone she will be there for you,not all stepmoms are evil.
Person a: I heard stepmoms are mean!
Person b:not all,my stepmom is the best
by Lilpastelgirl July 27, 2020
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The cunt that gave your dad a couple blowjobs, then took all his money, and ruined both your lives.
Me: Dad! Your wife (my Step-mom) is such a bitch!
Dad: YEAH, in bed.
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by Bobby Blackdick December 16, 2019
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A woman who wanted to fuck your dad who dragged you away from your mom by lying and cheating and playing social games and made your life miserable because she only cares about spending your dad’s money and not you and tells you how awful your mom is when your mom loves you and she does not.
“My step mom told me my mom is stupid and crazy then yells at me every night when she comes home from work and daddy yells at me if I tell her she’s not my mom!”
by Loveyoutillforeverandback September 11, 2020
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