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a joke - to just kid- not taken seriously
oh man i was just kidding - it was just a play play
by roxanne January 29, 2004
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the act of wrapping your lips around a pipe, bong, cigerette etc etc, and gettin you'r drool and nasty crap all up on it...
yo anthony!! quit niggerlippin' that shiiiii.... dammit foo'!! i don't want you'r woman's kootch all on my piece!
by roxanne February 3, 2005
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An extraordinarily good looking person.
"Peter Steele is the ultimate hotpants, I want to have his children."
"Did you see Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider? She's such a hotpants!"
by roxanne July 30, 2003
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it can mean a variety of things depending on how you say it, but most especially either "cool" "messed up" or "hot"
- Did you check out the show last night? The band was mandanculous.
-That guy just ran into your car. That's mandanculous.
-damn! that guys body is mandanculous!
by roxanne March 3, 2004
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Over-used. Not funny. Quit saying it. Goes along with "your mom" jokes. Those are ridiulous too.
by roxanne November 6, 2004
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get back to me,
yo holla back
by roxanne December 9, 2003
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