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Very short skirt that barely covers the bum-cheeks. Usually worn low around the hips and looks more like a boob-tube worn as a skirt. Name refers to grey-hound racing.
"Damn, that certainly is a grey-hound skirt.. an inch away from the hair." (hare:pun)
by roxanne July 30, 2003
Over-used. Not funny. Quit saying it. Goes along with "your mom" jokes. Those are ridiulous too.
by roxanne November 6, 2004
get back to me,
yo holla back
by roxanne December 9, 2003
a dork or geek
similar words: bouffy, bouffish, boufflike, bouffjerky
1. "i dont want to eat lunch at the bouff table anymore"
2. "To me, science is a bouffy subject," said jack.
by roxanne July 16, 2003
a movie starring channing tatum.

also, has a kick ass theme song.
if you step up i'll step up too.

yo, lets watch step up. AUGUST 11!
by roxanne June 18, 2006
a normal guy with amazing poetic talents that is weirdly obsessed over by indie girls that paint their nails black/chip it off, and make up weekly nuerosis for themselves so they can be more Conor Oberst.
"I can't sleep unless I drink myself into it."
"Aww...your so Oberst!"
by roxanne December 12, 2003
the tool between a young mans legs inwhich is very very "tiny" that you cannot see it...with a magnifying glass
"Dan...where is your small weiner?"
by roxanne January 5, 2004