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Step up: a command that is uttered at a nigga who is either trying to get in your face or is talkin trash about you like he is the shit when you know that deep down, the nigga is a soft-ass bitch.

Latrell: "Man, that Doug is a biscuit eatin' bitch."

Doug: "Oh so you have somethin' to say? why don't you step up you candy-ass trick."

by Big Snigger July 30, 2006
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A stupid-ass bitch (generally an asian) who has a flat face and is really smug looking.
A kid from Benedictine high school insulting his teacher:
"You a flat-faced bitch and I'm gonna stick you."
by Big Snigger August 04, 2006
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similar to trickster A black-ass, trick-ass nigga who is soooo dark that he or she shines and looks purple (not hard purple but barney purple). This delinquent (Generally named Latrell, Douglas, Brandyn, Keyshawn, or Mordecai) is always causing trouble or arousing some form of suspicion, especially from white people. Napster acts of nonsense include:

-Hittin' up the dollar menu at McDonald's three times a day.

-Spending all day at a KFC to distract fellow brothers (who work there) from their duties while scoring free biscuits.

-Walkin' into a Friendly Food Mart to purchase Funions and loose cigarettes at least three times a day.

-Startin' fights over a pair of shoes (generally nikes, jordans, or ice creams).

-Stealin' FREE samples from a Costco or Sam's.

-Startin' beefs over territory-mainly who has control of the local KFC(s).

-Startin' fights over who has a nappier afro.

-Stealin' your TV.

-Dancing in public and being boisterous.

-Drivin' around in a beat up ghetto cruiser (typically a shitty old buick, oldsmobile, or cadillac).

-Bumpin' shitty rap music (usually lil jon, chamillionaire, TI, yung joc, snoop, or ray cash) from 12 AM until 4 AM

-Writin' rap music instead of doing their homework and then complaining when they don't get into college and have to wash cars or sweep the floors at McDonald's for the rest of their lives.

-Beggin' for change on the street instead of just gettin' a damn job.

-Wearin' baggy-ass jeans, Big-ass t-shirts, and du-rags like they are tough so they can cover up the fact that they are soft.

-Blowin' their weekly paycheck, pending that they work, the day that they receive it on bling bling and burr.

-Flappin' their big, bubba lips in the wind.

-Playin' halo or supersmash brothers until 5 AM and then going to sleep until 6 in the afternoon.

-Skippin' school to play halo all day.

-Lyin' around and doin' nothin' productive wit society.

-Hidin' in a basement when their city takes on 20 feet of water.

-sniggin' about or actin' a foo 24 hours a day.

-Thinkin' they are the best dancers.

-Thinkin' they are the shit.

-Bein' a nugga.

-pickin' bugs outta each others afros.

-And, finally, complainin' about Bush winnin' the election even though they was too lazy to get out and vote.
That stupid-ass napster ate all the chicken
by Big Snigger August 06, 2006
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A black-ass nigga (typically so dark that he shines and looks purple) that hits up a fastfood joint three times a day (generally a KFC or a Popeyes Chicken)and only orders a box of biscuits. After receiving the biscuits, the nigga proceeds to go ape shit; engaging in a food frenzy and downing the biscuits without the aid of burr or another alcoholic beverage. You can spot this individual easily, for they always have flakes of biscuit lining their big-ass lips.
Zach: "Hey where is Doug?"

Darren: "Man, that ashy-ass biscuit nigga is probably holdin' up KFC again for some biscuits. That trick will come back wit biscuit crumbs all ova his big, purple, bubba lips.
by Big Snigger July 30, 2006
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Generally a 'rab or a smuggly-ass asian who is very skilled in the fields of math and science, especially calculus and physics. They get straight A's by studying 18 hours a day and having no social life. In addition, they like to play the piano or violin and love debate and computer games. They tend to move in groups with very smug facial expressions that arouse the feeling of hatred or disgust from someone who passes by.
I don't trust those dirty-ass schemers
by Big Snigger August 05, 2006
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Someone (generally an asian) who is always seen in the school hall or in the library with a smugg-ass look on their face. They think they are the shit because they study all day and get perfect scores on all of their tests
All asians are smuggly
by Big Snigger August 04, 2006
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the act of one bitch-ass nigga (generally out of spite or contempt) steppin' on another bitch-ass nigga's brand new pair of white sneakers (typically Nikes, Jordans, Dadas, and especially, Ice Creams), which ends up leaving behind a big, black scuff mark.
"Ay dogg, why you snig on my sneeks foo?"

past tense:"Yo G, I beat the shiznit outta Terrence and then I snigged on his ma' fuckin ugly-ass sneeks!"
by Big Snigger July 30, 2006
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