For the people that didnt like that you are a sexy MILF this is for you steffanie is a kind hearted women that would light up any room with their contagious laugh you always help everyone in need and overall a great human
wow steffanie is the sweetest person ever she gave me the best first impression
by šťůpíđ wh0řə June 15, 2020
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Steffany is one of the most unique girls. She is hilarious and has a beautiful heart. You find that your life is so much better with her in it, you never want to lose her. She stands out from the crowd, not just because of her gorgeous looks, or amazing body but because of her vibe, you just sense that she’s different. She’s everything you ever need in a girl, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with her within a week.
Alexis: I made friends with the new girl Steffany she’s so funny and beautiful

Jennifer: Really I want to meet her !
by Cujsjajaoaoajwb March 4, 2018
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1.One of the baddest bitches on the planet, Steffanis are 97% of the time optimistic and excited about life, usally loved by all. Even haters .. they pretend not to love her, but have secrete shrines deticated to her in thier closets.
2. afreek : )

3. Optimus prime
4. a Ninja
" I wish I was as cool as Steffani." " Steffani is awesome"
"Steffani needs Jesus!"
by coco goddess February 6, 2010
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She was the love of my life, I swear I’d choose her over any girl in the world. Her beauty captures your attention but her personality makes you want to take care of her beautiful soul. I’m not with her any more but there isn’t a day i don’t think about that beautiful girl. I still love her man. I miss her . I fucked up.
Jeff: Aye bro why you such a pussy get over her!
Me: fuck you dude i can’t , Steffany she was my everything.
by Cujsjajaoaoajwb March 4, 2018
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A person who is unique in her own way and one of the most sexiest beings alive but in a random way!
Steffany: "I love eating peanutbutter on my pizza when i'm having a photoshoot."
by Spicey Spice July 18, 2009
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One who is like god. Not the sharpest crayon in the box, but everybody's favourite colour.
Melissa: "What time is it?"

Rachel: "It's 12:31"

Steffany: "Melissa it's 12:31"

Melissa: "No really?"

(Like I said, still our favourite colour)

by Steffmelrach March 8, 2008
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Steffanie is The most amazing person ever. She always stands for the right thing. She’s caring, and fun. Steffanie is one of my best friends. No one can top my bff ❤️
Steffanie Zamudio is my bff from now untill the end of the world <3
by Lluvirula October 11, 2021
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