Skills so good, that things can be done with "stupid ease". Related words: steezy, steezed out.
Yo, did you see him do that? Damn, he has so much steez. Dude does it so good and makes it look easy.
by webster April 17, 2005
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It's pure style. Usualy associated with Snowboarding etc.
+ Got steez, Brah?
+ Do you have any style, Brother?
by Benjee December 03, 2004
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your own individual expression or how you carry your self playa
drop some steez on that playboy
by steez expertise April 16, 2003
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A made up life style for stoner/ skater dudes

Or to replace the word cool.
That heel flip was so steez.
Or that invert was steez.
by The man8642 November 29, 2011
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the amount of money u win such as from a poker game. Or getting bast and playing steez which means ur intoxicated on some sort of drug and must play steez immediatly.
Be the steez!
"yo you wanna play some basketball?"
"Nah i gotta get bast and play steez... build up my steez dollars
Its very important that you realize that u cannot be steezed out of ur mind while playing basketball, or any other types of physical activities
by el steez March 08, 2008
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steez is yo style if u dont got ur style on u dont got ur steez on
u got tha steez 2 nite
by hads September 04, 2003
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