Ass crack. Usually hairy and containing lots of dingle berries. Could also be used as a term of annoyence.
That plumber had some nasty steez.

I was at the beach and got sand all up in my steez.

Man, why you all up in my steez?

by Abe713 January 28, 2008
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When I refer to steez, it's for reference to something illegal, possibly problematic, or unhealthy. basically drugs and alcohol.
1. Yo dun, lets kick it with a few blunts, I got the finest steez.

2. Dude, this party is bangin, they got mad chicken heads and enough steez to drown all of baltimore.

3. Hey man, watch where you carry the steez, I ain't goin to the pen tonight.
by AZ tha Don July 29, 2007
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Meaning relaxed/cool.

Derived from US military slang originally "stand easy", meaning to relax after standing to attention.
Yo, dude with the steez.
by snowman June 23, 2004
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Credentials, Connections, Alliances, Virtues, Skills...
Joe asks Eric how he goes about pulling women. Eric replies by saying, "you know my steez".
by R U WET YET? May 30, 2005
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"You know the steez."
"Here's the steez..."
"Call me when you have the steez."
by thundermonkey February 22, 2008
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