popping a girls tit acne so hard it will suiqrt in their face
"Dude i jsut steened that girl right in the eyes"

"You serious, you better watch out her boyfriends robjacked"

"dude she'll wake up so malude tomorow robyjack will dump her ass"

by d vengeance October 8, 2006
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Noun. Anything, either living or otherwise, that has zero social and/or is super cute.

Verb. A move to generate power
Noun. Do you see that steen over? So cute
Verb. Everyone looked at my while I was steening on the subway.
by teamphilly4 November 8, 2023
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A Steen is strong and trustworthy. A Steen knows what he’s doing, and when he has decided something, NOTHING can talk him away from it. He’s stubborn, and do not like when anyone gets in his path. He has his own unique opinions, and is easily provoked. A Steen cares about his work, and does not leave anything undone. He wants to do everything himself. A Steen looks deep into himself, and cares about the ones he have close. A Steen is a person with unique and inventive ideas, that sometimes can be used, and other times can’t.
Wow! You’re really a Steen!
by A Danish Guy August 21, 2020
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Dutch word for stone or rock.
Gooi geen (don't throw) steen (a stone/rock) naar mijn hoofd (at my head)!
by YourMotherJeMoeder August 2, 2016
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1.Physically moving slowly, lazily without realizing its happening and, in fact believing the opposite.

2. Believing one's actions to be achieving more while in reality accomplishing very little.
Went steening today! Woke up at 1:00 PM, ate chipotle and hit the gym for three hours. I took my mass gainer and then made my way slowly around the gym talking to any big meet head i could find about gains... Did tons of high weight sets of bench press and biceps curls with tons of rest in between. Solid workout
by schwimjob January 18, 2015
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A Steene is a Scene person known after 2010. Theyre considered to be the second generation. The word is created from the words Scene and Teen. Teen does not refer to teenager but as in 2013 when the phrase was first coined.
The phrase was apparently created by Scene, sorry, Steene girl who calls herself Belle Bloodlust.
Chav: You're not a scene! Scene is dead!
Belle Bloodlust: Youre right. I'm Steene. The new, better second generation to scene.
Chav: Lame...
Belle: Kiss my coontail!
by AlexRay November 30, 2013
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When your in such an immaculate vibe that you can’t even describe it with a real word.
Joe Nathan: aye sned you steen??
Sned: yeah I’m STEEN
by Cleft lardson January 23, 2021
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