Sned, in short, is an acronym for

Nugs refer to the flowers of the female marijuana plant. Sned has evolved from this acronym into a philisophical belief that smoking weed every day is the only way to enjoy life.

Sned can also be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.
"I like to sned."
"Would you like to sned?"
"That fiend is all snedded!"
"There's a ggroup of snedheads."
by M. Shrader February 03, 2009
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An internet term meaning "send", usually said with excitement
You hav new Matrix? SNED SNED SNED!!!
by Hostile February 08, 2003
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To sned is to send a file on an instant messenger or by another electronic method.
Myke: Do you have those pictures from last night?
Slínk: No! SNED! SNED! SNED!
by Ploe November 20, 2006
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dropping a fork at desparate times.
Patrick was starving and about to eat macoroni when all of a sudden..... SNED! So sad.
by dorkology94 July 26, 2011
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A sexual position involving at least two men and three women, in which each participant receives the maximum amount of penetration and/or stimulation possible.
Aaron was involved in a giant sned last week, he woke up three days later with a sore butthole.
by Upyours122375 December 07, 2009
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