A word created to describe everything and nothing. Describes actions, inactions, feelings, confirmation of plans/attitude purposes. The only way to describe a word like geen, is to infact just nod your head and say "Geen".
Pat: Geen?
Mike: Geen.
Pat: *Nod*
Lex: What the fuck are you two planning?
Mike: *Nod*
by Geen August 19, 2006
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The term "geen" means the plural for goon, which means; A person who is amazing at everything he does.
Jared was walking down the school's hallway when he saw the coolest geen ever.
by Kelpo27 October 3, 2017
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eric wasn't too happy that his girlfriend gave him a geen last night.
by onebean March 3, 2008
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noun. A sober person (walking,standing) surrounded by high people (sitting,lying-down).

This comes from the universal famous high joke, saying a colour (usually blue, mauve or green) during a lull in the conversation.

"Geen" is a common mispronunciation of green due to the effect some drugs can have on the speech centre, and similarly, eye sight, particularly the interpretation of colour, which is often affected at the same time.
When stoned, people frequently lie back or sit low, and often marvel at the ability and effort of people who walk around. In dim lighting situations, these people will appear tinged green, and so exclaim the colour, often mispronouncing. At some point, someone must have thought it was a noun, and then aptly named the sober people moving around them.
*Dude walks past some stoners in a dimly-lit room*
Stoner#1: Dude! You're standing up!
*general giggles, while the Dude is looking blank*
Stoner#2: Dude! Greeeeeen!
Stoner#3; Greeeeen!
Stoner#2: Oh my god he's geen!
Stoner#3: He's geen?
Stoner#1: He's a geen!
*general giggles resume*
by Safaraz May 14, 2009
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An adjective meaning long, stretched out or lanky.

Originated with Mad Magazine's Don Martin and was a sound effect verb used to represent an object being stretched.
by FreddyMercurius October 15, 2010
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Western University's largest residence, known also as the Zoo, inhabiting 1250 residents annually. Known on David Letterman's top 10 list as the number one residence to get laid in North America. I lived there ;).
Go team, the Geeners are proud of their wholehearted contribution to beer bonging olympics.
by Jilladelphia* October 17, 2003
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A fat, sweet, cuddly cat.
Also, can be substituted for any word in a sentence or used as an adjective.
"Wow, that new toilet is geen!"
"The geen is in the loaf position!"
by Dee March 18, 2005
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