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Dutch word for stone or rock.
Gooi geen (don't throw) steen (a stone/rock) naar mijn hoofd (at my head)!
by YourMotherJeMoeder August 02, 2016
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A Steen is strong and trustworthy. A Steen knows what he’s doing, and when he has decided something, NOTHING can talk him away from it. He’s stubborn, and do not like when anyone gets in his path. He has his own unique opinions, and is easily provoked. A Steen cares about his work, and does not leave anything undone. He wants to do everything himself. A Steen looks deep into himself, and cares about the ones he have close. A Steen is a person with unique and inventive ideas, that sometimes can be used, and other times can’t.
Wow! You’re really a Steen!
by A Danish Guy August 21, 2020
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When your in such an immaculate vibe that you can’t even describe it with a real word.
Joe Nathan: aye sned you steen??
Sned: yeah I’m STEEN
by Cleft lardson January 22, 2021
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1. Another word for Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.
2. A place where herbs gather.
3. Poorest excuse for a college, or institute.

Originated: William Stahlin's Accounting class. The desk had a 'stevens' logo that was missing the 'v', thus giving birth to the term, 'Steeeens"
Can I actually get a job if I graduate from Steens???
by Greg October 03, 2004
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A man who sometimes puts other people down just to make him more confident about himself, he is charming and popular but if you know a steen try to stay away as much as you can.
Girl 1: oh look it's Steen
Girl 2: lets go then
by That Ordinary Girl June 03, 2018
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A steen can be anything relating to a fan/supporter of the Oshry sisters. It's an inside joke among the girls that carries on among the truest of fans who use the word to describe certain vibes/people/situations.
I saw a girl walking her dog today & she was wearing a shirt that said "Reality tv is my drug", what a steen.
by sophi b May 18, 2020
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A vertically challenge, little Columbus man Hailing from Ga.
yo Brad, you see that fucking Steen over there??
by Billiegetthemguttss April 07, 2019
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