The status quo, or any other quo, is a person's business if they want to go with it. Some people want to change everything, and others were already happy without anything having to change for them to be happy.
You don't tell people they can't stick with the status quo, even if you don't agree with the way they do something. You disagree with them, they disagree with you, a d that's it. Not everybody has to agree that wearing a stupid fucking mask everywhere or getting a vaccine is a good idea, since a country where everyone has to agree on everything is not really a free country.
by The Original Agahnim June 24, 2021
An all black dance crew from "America's Best Dance Crew".
Boy: Did you watch "Amercia's Best Dance Crew" last night.
Girl: Yeah, I think Status Quo is the best crew and E-knock is so sexy.
by RayRay Blank March 14, 2008
A person who will let the world go to hell as long as they remain comfortable. Their natural enemy is the Social Justice Warrior.
See the status quo warrior in his natural state, unconcerned with or in favor of homophobia, transphobia, institutional and/or overt racism, etc. while he reclines in his easy chair, mocking social justice warriors online.
by mavenclaw November 11, 2018
A person who follows the herd, he does what everyone else does, nothing more or less. Someone who has no ambition for anything, no passion or drive to accomplish something special. The female version is an ordinary mary or plain jane.
I thought about asking Ted to start a business, but I knew he would say no to anything unique. He's a status quo joe. passionless, ordinary, ambitionless, no ambition, boring, average, nothing special, basic bitch
by joecoolthefool September 29, 2015
1) n. A person who fights to maintain the status quo.

2) the opposite of a Social Justice Warrior.
John signed a petition to keep schools segregated. John is a Status Quo Champion.
by Alice-Addams March 30, 2016
A dude with disdain for protestors of systemic injustice. He mocks or shouts down those who want to live in a world different than the one we had yesterday.
These very fortunate status quo bros think that America is perfect how it is, so protestors are just whiners!
by uniquenowflake8 July 11, 2016
Term of semi-endearment used to define luddites or other change averse, retrospective-type, hindsight focused individuals.
frosty the status-quo man is over there goin' on about how great life was before the Internet
by thefirebuilds July 31, 2008