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Term of semi-endearment used to define luddites or other change averse, retrospective-type, hindsight focused individuals.
frosty the status-quo man is over there goin' on about how great life was before the Internet
by thefirebuilds July 31, 2008
In the world of radio show pranks and stunts this is the "hardcore fan" that calls in or more commonly, posts on a fan message board, and explains to the entire listening/viewing audience the "magic" behind the bit. This in turn takes enjoyment away from the intelligent listeners who are able to discern between real and fake. Often the specified "fan" has an inordinant amount of time on his or her hands for research or long-winded diatribes describing any discrepancies in detail. The bit ruiner often sees their show as attempting to gain publicity through dishonest means.

Note: This could also apply to wrestling or other such "in-universe" type real-life based fiction.
"You are a bit ruiner, can't you just go with it and enjoy the show?"
by thefirebuilds June 24, 2007
Dating at work is a recipe for a sexual harassment lawsuit.
"You don't get your honey where you get your money. You don't go fishing off the company pier."
by thefirebuilds September 20, 2006
Soldiers in Hitler's storm trooper army, SA during the Nazi regime. They were called this because of the colored shirts they wore.
To call someone a brown shirt is to call them a Nazi soldier, usually hinting that they oppose human rights or freedom. This is a very serious insult, and in forums is used to Flame someone.
Hitler used many different forces to accomplish his goals when he rose to power. One of these forces were the SA, or Storm Troopers. The SA soldiers were called Brown Shirts.
The Brown Shirts will harass you if they hear you saying "that."
by thefirebuilds December 8, 2008
Coined by half of the popular radio duo "Opie and Anthony," Greg "Opie" Hughes considers Myspace voodoo the art of a large or unattractive woman disguising herself with clever camera tricks in order to appear seductive, skinnier, or more aesthetically appealing in some way.
I met that girl the other day, but let me tell you, that was some serious Myspace Voodoo going on.
by thefirebuilds December 10, 2007