sta.tri.ot (STAY-tree-ut)

A person particularly loyal or devoted to a state.
Bob loves everything about North Carolina. He is a true statriot.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
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One who expresses fierce loyalty to one's home state even above that expressed toward one's country.
Citizens of New York, California, and Texas (God forbid!) are known as very loyal statriots.
by Aquila January 14, 2005
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Loyalty or devotion to a state; as expressed by a statriot.
Smoking Winstons fills the North Carolina native with an overwhelming sense of statriotism.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
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sta.tri.ot.ic (STAY-tree-o-tic)

The quality of being loyal or devoted to a state; having the characteristics of a statriot.
I am proud to be a Cornhusker. I am a statriotic Nebraskan.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
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In a statriotic manner.
Peggy does everything statriotically, with the best interest of North Dakota in mind.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
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Showing great pride for the city or state one lives in, or at least constantly mentions it. And yes, much more than showing appreciation for the whole USA. The prime example for a city would be San Francisco, and the prime example for a state would be Rhode Island.
Today i saw a bunch of 16-year old white guys with saggin pants and backwards Giants (baseball) hats walking down the street shouting "SF is da hella legit shit, homiez!". They're very statriotic, but is that really a good reason to wave infinitely more rainbow flags than American flags?
by M@77 J@M35 January 04, 2013
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Sub-national pride.
Victorians and New South Welshmen constantly bitch about one-another. It's statriotism at its finest.

South Australians really hate Victorians. They're SOOO statriotic!

Western Australians call the rest of the country 'The Eastern States'. If that's not statriotism, I don't know what is!
by Adzification January 12, 2011
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