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sta.tri.ot.ic (STAY-tree-o-tic)

The quality of being loyal or devoted to a state; having the characteristics of a statriot.
I am proud to be a Cornhusker. I am a statriotic Nebraskan.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
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Showing great pride for the city or state one lives in, or at least constantly mentions it. And yes, much more than showing appreciation for the whole USA. The prime example for a city would be San Francisco, and the prime example for a state would be Rhode Island.
Today i saw a bunch of 16-year old white guys with saggin pants and backwards Giants (baseball) hats walking down the street shouting "SF is da hella legit shit, homiez!". They're very statriotic, but is that really a good reason to wave infinitely more rainbow flags than American flags?
by M@77 J@M35 January 04, 2013
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The state of being loyal, even fiercely so, to the state in which you reside.
This may even surpass one's love of nation in favor of one's love of state.

The noun forms are statriot and statriotism.
New Yorkers are especially statriotic among citizens of the U.S.
by Aquila January 14, 2005
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adj. having the characteristics or qualities of a statriot or statriotism; describing someone whose love of their home state will cause them to support or defend its reputation or interests often far beyond reason. (2006-d.f. < marnieism orig. in reference Australian Rules Football fans, state-ree-ot-ik.)
Marnie: How can you barrack for Collingwood!?!

Liz: ...after West Coast, then Essendon...

Jen: Yeah, Brisbane is my second favourite team, after Essendon...

Ryan: I follow all ten Victorian teams, before I follow any interstate teams.

Jen: Really?

Marnie: Yeah, Victorians can be really statriotic when it comes to football...
by Knoxville Girl May 10, 2008
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