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An acronym for "Liberal Democrat Atheist who smokes marijuana" A deadly evil combination of lifestyle choices in present-day America.
That LDASM down the street voted for Obama, and hopefully won't do it again.
by M@77 J@M35 January 03, 2012

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The gate-like thing at the intersection of 19th Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in San Francisco that symbolizes the end of the brutal slow traffic when going north on state highway 1 (like when youre supposed to drive to Marin county)
Getting from I-280 to Golden Gate park took forever, until I made it to the Beige Pillars of Freedom.
by M@77 J@M35 January 03, 2012

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A location that is right in between 2 major metro areas and the people have to make a decision to fly in and out of a certain airport or to be a fan of which sports team. For example, people in Springfield, MA fly in and out of either Boston or Albany, NY.
San Luis Obispo, CA is right in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and many citizens can't decide whether they're a Giants fan or a Dodgers fan. That is a tough decision town.
by M@77 J@M35 October 10, 2011

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The 3 most hated people you know at your school. It could be anyone you don't like, but usually the evil 3 list is unanimously decided on by you and a few friends.
all of the evil 3 are in your wellness class?! damn, i feel srry for you
by M@77 J@M35 March 27, 2012

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When you roll down the window of a car and shout something at a person or people. Usually an insult.
I saw a group of punk-ass teenagers walking down the street and there was a guy making out with his girlfriend or some bullshit like that, and I rolled down the car window and did a drive-by shouting of "stop infecting this town!!"
by M@77 J@M35 June 21, 2011

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Something that you don't like or is a pain in the ass, except it is worse than a pain in the ass, and is a pain deeper in your ass. "Ayn" is obviously short for anus.
A Day to Remember is a shitty band and their music is a pain in the ayn! I like real metal, not that emo-punk crap.
by M@77 J@M35 June 15, 2011

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When someone feels bad for the people living in Seattle because of 2 reasons:

1. It is always cloudy and raining
2 and most importantly: it is where I-Carly takes place >.<
One of my friends is spending half the summer in Seattle. He has a 10-year-old brother who is unfortunate enough to grow up watching crappy new shows like iCarly, so I have great Seaympathy for them
by M@77 J@M35 August 05, 2012

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