A device Usually used to connect papers together, but, it is also commonly know as the puppet that replicates your boss when your reharsing for what you will say when you tell your boss your quitting your job. they also look like a pokemon.
boss: last night I caught jeff playing with staplers
co-worker: what did you do?
boss: I fired him, but he said "Sweet relive..." and then ran out of the office singing some song in german.
by tacogamer007 July 16, 2017
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The common human childhood experience of testing what happens when you put your hand under a stapler.
Hmm… I wonder what happens when I try to staple my hand?”

“I think Jimmy’s about to have a Stapler Test Moment.”
by Marilyn Williams September 7, 2022
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When you do the nasty with a stapler and you leak all over the goddamn camera.
Aw man, my gear is all sticky now because I tape stapler'd last night.
by hootyhooot February 18, 2017
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