Aye KshKsh
*Calls out a random person*
"Aye kshksh"
"You're going up? Go down on me instead"
3 crore ka stapler
by Sameepp July 25, 2022
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An individual who staples rats to his dead woman.
Yeah, I'm a rat stapler myself, I got 8 rats on my Woman today.
by CRTrrr July 9, 2022
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The common human childhood experience of testing what happens when you put your hand under a stapler.
Hmm… I wonder what happens when I try to staple my hand?”

“I think Jimmy’s about to have a Stapler Test Moment.”
by Marilyn Williams September 7, 2022
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The stapler that Milton Waddams holds dearly, he set the building on fire when it was taken from him.
"Excuse me, I believe you have my Red Swingline Stapler"
by RevoBumblebee March 22, 2020
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Occurs when a human is folded in half, coated in metal, and uses teeth to staple objects. Tends to be less costly than a conventional stapler (before calculating costs that come from medical bills)
I had to pay $3000 after Billy used me as The Human Stapler.
by P_Che2_P November 16, 2022
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