A white person's version of the pocket/flick/swtichblade knife.
Matt- "Bring a knife to a gunfight? Fuck that, I'll bring a Swingline Stapler!"

Kahlil- *shanks Matt in the neck*
by Melvin the Stapler Molester December 6, 2009
The red Swingline stapler is the 747xx model used in the movie Office Space. At the time the movie was made, Swingline did not offer a red stapler, but due to the popularity of the film, they began production.
After the company switched to Boston staplers I kept my Swingline stapler.

Have you seen my stapler?

I'm going to burn the building down.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "The red stapler in the movie is, I think, a model 646. It's definitely not a model 747.

--live to staple; staple to live!"
by brahm2 September 28, 2003
The stapler that Milton Waddams holds dearly, he set the building on fire when it was taken from him.
"Excuse me, I believe you have my Red Swingline Stapler"
by RevoBumblebee March 22, 2020