When a woman with a muffin top get her rolls glued together with Sperm.
by Element114 January 29, 2015
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"Busting my balls" said different. That's it. What were you expecting?
F1- "Kelly's such a ball stapler, she's constantly over my head asking me stuff
by Shin-- February 27, 2021
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While two girls are Tribbing against each other, one of them squirts inside her partner. But during the process, finds out she has spider powers, so her squirt was essentially a bunch of impact webs, sticking each other together; web stapler
person 1: i think im going to...
person 2: oh yeah
pesron 1: *shhhhhhhhhhhh
person 2: ummm
person 1: that was fun
(both of them attempt to leave)
person 1: why can't i move
person 2: i believe we're in what's called a web stapler
both: *laughs
by Zimbaycoleo December 8, 2020
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When u have a guy's or chicks nose on ur asshole and you fart while doing so u suck there nose into ur ass
hey zoey if u don't give me a jamican stapler i will punch u again
by A_Very_Angry_ALligator November 4, 2009
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It when a guy sticks his dick into a very tight vagina which it will not go in or a vagina with crabs and it pinches the guys dick into two.
pencil stapler
by njmad June 15, 2009
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A white person's version of the pocket/flick/swtichblade knife.
Matt- "Bring a knife to a gunfight? Fuck that, I'll bring a Swingline Stapler!"

Kahlil- *shanks Matt in the neck*
by Melvin the Stapler Molester December 6, 2009
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While a chick is giving you head you take out, break both of her legs. Then you staple your dick to her forehead.
I went to see you mom in the hospital after I gave her an angry stapler.
by Bryceyjay December 21, 2009
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