A stalker is someone who knows all about one person, yet the other person knows nothing about them. Stalkers find out their victim's phone number, address, family members' names and ages, etc. They follow them around school, try to listen in on their conversations, check their profile online, and make it their goal to find out as much information about their victim as possible. Stalkers are very creepy.
Jacob: UGH!!! It's that girl again! How does she find me everywhere!?
Brian: Dude, she's definitely a stalker.
by yesiamcrazy November 13, 2011
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It seems to be that the term 'stalker' no longer means what it used to mean--the pathological ANONYMOUS follower and tab-keeper of another person or persons (A detective who has not been hired and has no real reason to follow someone). The old definition also would say that a 'stalker' often has an imaginary connection with the stalkee.

HOWEVER, common usage of the term, along with the term 'creepy', has come to be used as a defense mechanism for anyone seeking justification for not being attracted socially or physically to someone else.

This term is nearly as overdiagnosed as ADHD is in children. Any women who think an undesirable man might be interested in her will almost always automatically label him a stalker.

Note: Far too many idiots think they're more important than they really are. Real stalkers seek out beautiful, interesting, and often famous members of the attractive gender. 90 percent of the people who use the term couldn't get a real stalker to save their lives.
A hot girl who follows you around and shows up at your door is a friend.

An ugly girl who follows you around and shows up at your door is now, according to most, a stalker.

A hot guy who gives you flowers is a romantic.

An ugly guy who gives you flowers is a stalker.
by Colin Robertson November 12, 2005
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Being hunted down and hip-checked in an online racing game by someone who seeks vengeance. To be incapacitated by another racing opponent by means of them crashing into you intentionally.
Da Beaitch jacked me up! I got 'Stalkered' by dat SomBitch!
by GT allstar May 06, 2008
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To be intentionally wrecked out of a race by another player in an online racing game.
I was leading the race until I got stalkered.
by speedracer X May 02, 2008
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The process of using stalker-like tactics to figure out the mental or emotional state of another person in lieu of just asking them.

The person receiving the attention is being stalkered.

Not to be confused with stalking, in which the person is actually obsessed with someone.
Bob: "I wanted to see if Megan was over her ex, so I logged into her Verizon account to check out how often they still text each other."

Bill: "Wow that's some clever stalkering, what did you find?"

Bob: "They were texting at 3 AM the other night. I'm gonna dump that ho!"
by Nacho Rodriguez November 20, 2011
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When a guy calls a girl 33 times in one night along with many text confessing love.
Juan's stalkerism made her thumbs hurt from pressing the reject button on her phone so many times.
by zernic March 07, 2010
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